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**Important Notices**

CGI cannot ship FRESH chestnuts to the following states: California, Oregon or Washington.

CGI processes domestic orders only.
No orders from outside the U.S. will be accepted.

Orders will be shipped on Mondays & Tuesdays to insure delivery of the freshest product.

The Perfect Gift!

Any of our products may be given as a gift. A packing list will be included in the shipment instead of an invoice.

A folded red gift card will be ribbon attached (we'll sign a brief message from you with your name) along with a green storage and cooking instructions card.

**Important Notice**

CGI cannot ship FRESH chestnuts to the following states:
California, Oregon or Washington.

Fresh chestnuts

Fresh Chestnuts

2016 Crop Available End of October

Our fresh in-shell chestnuts are refrigerated immediately upon harvest. They are not left to dry out and mold under the tree or stacked in harvesting crates outside. Our attention to detail assures the highest possible quality of our chestnuts. Our competitors' chestnuts have to be shipped great distances, usually without refrigeration, which allow them to dry out and mold. The growing conditions in the Midwest are ideal for the sweetest possible chestnut and we strive to have the shortest time possible from our growers' orchards to our customers' tables.

**Important Notice**

CGI cannot ship FRESH chestnuts to the following states:
California, Oregon or Washington.

Nutritional information for fresh chestnuts
Storage Instructions
Fresh Cooking Instructions

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Chestnut Slices

Chestnut Slices

$ 9.00/8 oz

This is the most versatile chestnut product on the market today —grown in Michigan, sliced, and freeze-dried for your greatest convenience. Applying hot water, this product RE-HYDRATES IN 15 MINUTES, back to a raw chestnut, instantly ready for use in your recipe. Or, you can eat as is, crumble into a breading for your choice, or garnish a salad or soups. This shelf stable product will save you money on its' lightweight shipping cost. There are no additives. It simply brings uniqueness to your kitchen.

Nutritional information for dried chestnuts

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Chestnut flour

Chestnut Flour

Regular Flour
$ 15.00/1 lb

Roasted Flour
$ 20.00/1 lb

Chestnut flour from our dried chestnuts has a wondrous, gluten-free spectrum of sweet and nutty, flavors that can be used in a myriad of ways. First, to enhance the flavors of your favorite recipes, remove about 1/3 cup of the wheat flour and replace it with equal volumes of chestnut flour. While not gluten-free, this combination will add moisture, with the sweet aroma of chestnuts, re-making your old recipe into something bright and new. Second, if you are already using gluten-free flours in your cooking, such as rice, potato, or tapioca flour, try adding some gluten-free chestnut flour, invigorating those tasteless flours with the taste of sunshine. Finally, if you wish to use only pure chestnut flour, you may need to add a rising agent (such as beaten egg whites, baking powder, baking soda, or cream of tartar, etc.). Pancakes, pizza crust, crepes, brownies, and cookies are great examples of foods that can be made with pure always gluten-free chestnut flour. Chestnut flour has been used for a millennium in the Mediterranean region of the world and now it can be yours to try. The purity of our CGI chestnut flour comes from our unique processing, which removes the bitter shell and pellicle. Once removed, then, and only then, is the chestnut dried and ground on a mill used only for our chestnuts. We hope you will try this product for it's surprisingly sweet and nutty flavor from Michigan's chestnuts.

Nutritional information for chestnut flour

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